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The Bob McCown Podcast

Feb 28, 2023

We are joined by Eric Duhatschek and Scott Burnside today to discuss what has happened and what will happen as we approach the upcoming NHL trade deadline.

They give their opinions on why the East has been so busy making trades while the West has less going on, and what key roles are needed to make a difference in the...

Feb 27, 2023

Paul Jones joins us today to discuss the Toronto Raptors and focusses on the new addition of Jakob Poeltl.

Jones mentions how Jakob Poeltl is a great new member of the Raptors and how well he has been able to integrate himself into the team. Paul brings up the advantages of joining a team in Canada, and later discusses...

Feb 24, 2023

Dick Irvin comes on the show to recount many interesting stories from his extensive career as a TV and radio broadcaster.

Everything from his early childhood as the son of a famous coach to modern day changes in the National Hockey League are discussed. Hear first hand about the differences in game speed, number...

Feb 23, 2023

Edmonton Oilers GM Ken Holland joins us today to talk about the NHL trade deadline and the responsibilities of a GM surrounding this event.

Ken informs us on ways of making decisions for a team as a GM based on priorities, scouting and valid information. He continues on to discuss this further with respect to the salary...

Feb 22, 2023

Steve Simmons joins us today to talk about sports media coverage in the state of Florida and decision making going on with the Toronto Maple Leafs management.

Hear a bit about how and why certain sports are being reported on with regards to popularity and analytics. More information on the Toronto Maple Leafs management...