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The Bob McCown Podcast

Jul 27, 2021

Reoccurring guests MATT DEVLIN and ERIC SMITH join the podcast to talk about the Toronto Raptors, their plans for the NBA Draft, Kyle Lowry's future in red, white & black and the allure of trading for Ben Simmons.

We begin by addressing the elephant in the room - what are the Toronto Raptors going to do with Kyle Lowry? 

The four discuss the point guards worth on the market and his value to a playoff contending team. With the UFA looking for ~30 million a year for 3 years, would it be worth it for the Toronto Raptors to keep him around?

With reports saying the Raptors have been active in trade talks as we approach Thursday's NBA Draft we also discuss the options Toronto has picking at #4. 

We end the show with a contentious discussion over Ben Simmons, who is seemingly available to any team for the right price. The four debate whether it would be even worth taking a gamble on a player with limited offensive capabilities - would you trade Pascal Siakam for Ben Simmons?

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