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The Bob McCown Podcast

Jun 30, 2023

We're giving two interviews for the price of one today as we welcome two women making major moves in the world of professional women's sports in Jessica Berman & Diana Matheson.
First, we talk to the Commissioner of the National Women's Soccer League, Jessica Berman. Jessica gives us an idea of the direction she is taking her league in and lets us know what the league's plan is when it comes to fielding top tier talent and their efforts to get more of the games nationally televised before she heads out.
With Jessica gone, we then talk to former Canadian National Team Member Diana Matherson and her plans for "Project 8" - a brand new Professional Women's Soccer League in Canada set to begin in 2025. Diana fills us in on the teams that have committed to the league so far and hints at a few other locations we should expect to see join in the coming months. We find out what level of soccer Diana plans on fielding, the sponsors involved with the program and understand her vision a bit more in our conversation today as we kick off your Canada Day weekend.