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Nov 22, 2023

In this emotionally charged episode of "Scoping The Issues," we step into the profound narrative of Melissa Mead MBE, whose life was forever altered by a health crisis that touched the very core of her existence. Melissa opens her heart to recount the gripping story of her son, William, and the pivotal role that sepsis played in their lives.

With unwavering courage, Melissa shares the harrowing details of William's battle with sepsis, revealing the seismic impact it had on her family. From this traumatic experience, Melissa embarked on a relentless mission to raise awareness about sepsis, dedicating herself to ensuring that others understand the urgency and gravity of this condition.

Delving into Melissa's journey, we uncover her unwavering commitment to UK Sepsis Trust. She takes us through her efforts in amplifying awareness within both public and healthcare settings, discussing innovative initiatives like the leaflet scheme introduced in patient prescription bags across Royal Cornwall Hospital NHS Trust and other NHS Trusts. Melissa also shares the poignant moment of being honoured with an MBE for her tireless advocacy work.

 During our conversation, we explore the current initiatives undertaken by UK Sepsis Trust to cultivate a population that is savvy about sepsis. Melissa sheds light on the organisation's proactive measures aimed at equipping both healthcare professionals and the general public with vital knowledge about this silent yet life-threatening condition.

Our discussion transcends the personal narrative as Melissa provides tangible steps for individuals to become more sepsis savvy. Through practical advice and insights, she empowers listeners to take proactive steps toward early detection and intervention, potentially saving lives in the process.

Join us as we navigate through Melissa Mead's powerful story, one that not only brings to light the devastation caused by sepsis but also inspires action and awareness, ensuring that William's legacy continues to impact lives positively.

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