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Mar 29, 2024

In this episode of Join The Circle, we dive deep with Casper Hanson, the visionary behind Ambu's groundbreaking sustainability crusade. Discover how Ambu, a pioneering force in endoscopy within healthcare, is reshaping the industry's environmental footprint through its innovative "Join the Circle" initiative. 

Casper takes us on a journey, revealing Ambu's ambitious leap towards a more sustainable and circular healthcare world. From integrating science-based targets to launching the gastro-latch, the world's first endoscope with bioplastics, Ambu's strides towards its 2025 sustainability goals are nothing short of remarkable. 

But "Join the Circle" isn't just about Ambu's internal transformations. It's a rallying cry to the entire healthcare industry—to suppliers, partners, and competitors alike—to unite in slashing emissions and fostering a more sustainable future. Through engaging discussions on renewable energy adoption, innovative recycling programs, and the pivotal role of collaborations with entities like Plastic Bank, this episode illuminates the path towards reducing healthcare's environmental impact. 🤝

As we navigate the insights and aspirations shared by Casper, it becomes clear that Ambu's efforts are a beacon of hope for not just a greener healthcare sector but a healthier planet. Tune in to learn how, together, we can turn the tide on healthcare's environmental footprint and march confidently towards a sustainable tomorrow.