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Thrive: Mental Health and the Art of Living Free

Sep 17, 2021

Are you one of the 3% of people who are satisfied with your body? If you aren’t included in this group, this episode is for you!

We are talking with Jess Connolly about her new book, Breaking Free from Body Shame.


Jess Connolly is a gal who wants to leave her world more in awe of God than she found it. She is the author of several books, including You Are the Girl for the Job, and coauthor of Wild and Free. She is the founder of Go + Tell Gals and helped start She Reads Truth. She and her husband planted Bright City Church in Charleston, South Carolina, where they live with their four children. She blogs at

Quotes I loved:

  • Body shame is a quiet, mental hum that’s constantly running.
  • Your body is a story – every freckle, detail, muscle, and scar tells the story of your life
  • Freedom standardized is legalism.
  • You are made and loved by God. He cannot make bad things. Believe that with your whole self.

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