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Thrive: Mental Health and the Art of Living Free

Dec 10, 2021

Hey Friend!

Yet again, We in the middle of our series on helping you to end the year well. What went great? What are areas to improve upon so that you can be intentional to move forward?

This week, I'm super excited about my conversation with Amy Dubrucque to talk about confidence, keeping our hearts and minds in the right place to avoid temptations and practical ways to move forward in our growth process.

We also talk about her new book, Embolden, that Amy co-wrote with her daughter, Blair, and how the book is to support women through heartache and grief and build them up with love and growth. Amy Debrucque is a wife, mom of four, author, podcaster, and cancer survivor. She is the founder of the Life On Purpose Movement and host of the Life On Purpose Podcast where she encourages women to live on purpose instead of fear.

Listen in to learn more: 

  • Amy’s book Embolden - how it came to be and what is her hope for the book.
  • The actionable steps and resources that Embolden offers and ways to get started with your own growth process.
  • The things we need to be aware of before we experience growth.
  • Ammy offers encouragement to lean into the resistance with our growth process.

To connect with Amy:

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