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Thrive: Mental Health and the Art of Living Free

Apr 9, 2022

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We are in the middle of a year-long series to help you live a healthier life.

Today’s discussion on racism can be a little difficult to listen to, but I hope you listen with open ears.

On the podcast today, I’m joined by Dr. Derwin Gray. He is a pastor, former NFL football player,  speaker, and author.  In our discussion today, we take a deep dive into racism in America, what the bible has to say, and how we can be color-blessed, not just “colorblind.” We also discuss his new book, How to Heal Our Racial Divide.

Dr. Derwin Gray is the co-founder and lead pastor of Transformation Church (TC), a multiethnic, multigenerational, mission-shaped church in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is a popular conference speaker and the author of Hero: Unleashing God's Power in a Man's Heart, Building a Multiethnic Church, The Good Life, Limitless Life, God, Do You Hear Me?

Derwin earned a Master of Divinity degree, with a concentration in Apologetics, from Southern Evangelical Seminary under the mentorship of the renowned theologian, Dr. Norman Geisler. He also earned a Doctor of Ministry degree in the New Testament in Context at Northern Seminary. Derwin met his wife, Vicki, at Brigham Young University, and they have been married since 1992. They have two adult children, Presley and Jeremiah.

Listen in to learn more about:

  • Derwin’s journey of experiencing racism firsthand as a child growing up in Texas.
  • Knowing the difference between prejudice and racism and what can we do about it.
  • We lose the power of the Church when we look to politicians to give us our theology.
  • Derwin shares examples of system injustice and practical steps to what we can do about it.


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