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Thrive: Mental Health and the Art of Living Free

Apr 22, 2022

We are in the middle of a year-long series about helping YOU live healthy in all aspects of your life.I hope that you are enjoying the series as much as I have. I love our guests so far this year,  especially our conversations.

On the podcast today, we continue our conversation our chat with Gretchen and what is a life-saving divorce. We continue our deep dive into toxic and abusive relationships, what to do if you are in one, and how divorce affects our children.   

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the first part,  I urge you to go back and listen to that episode first.

About Gretchen -

Since 1998, Gretchen has worked in churches in the Los Angeles area. She helps heartbroken people find strength, courage, and healing. For more than 20 years, she has worked with Christian women and men going through difficult, life-saving divorces, listening with compassion to those who have suffered from domestic violence, betrayal, infidelity, addicted partners, and emotional abuse.

Herself the survivor of a toxic marriage; she walked through her life-saving divorce and was a single mother for many years. Today she is happily remarried. She is a graduate of Wheaton College with a degree in Bible and Christian Education.

Listen in to learn more about :

  • Risk factors and dangers when we stay in toxic relationships “for the sake of our children.”
  • How divorce affects our children
  • Good parents are good for kids; Bad parents are bad for kids. Gretchen shares some of the eye-opening statistics from the Jaffee study


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