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Thrive: Mental Health and the Art of Living Free

Nov 26, 2021

We are continuing our series about ending the year well. Last week, we talked about letting go of disappointments. This week, we are discussing how to take the next right step. 

I sit down and talk with Paige Rien about her journey as an HGTV star and her recovery from addiction. 

Paige is an HGTV alum and co-author of the new book Revived & Renovated: Real-Life Conversation on the Intersection of Home, Faith, and Everything in Between. Paige talks candidly about the parallels between renovating both our souls and our homes, sharing the story of her personal journey from addiction and brokenness to restoration.

 There’s one thing at the center of reclaiming and refurbishing our lives: the Gospel. 

In this episode,  we talk about: 

  • How to take the next right step
  • Ways to find acceptance
  • The value of restoration and renovation 
  • The power of connection 

Quotes I love 

“Connection is the cure.”

"My deepest wound, the wound of addiction, compulsion, self-destruction, rendered me unable to go on without God’s help. Surrender to Him and a path forward, with Him, was my only way out.”

“Willingness is the fuel to start the engine.”

You can find Paige on Instagram sharing about her family and home make-over projects. 

Thank you for joining me this week on the Thrive: Mental Health and the Art of Living Free. 

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