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Thrive: Mental Health and the Art of Living Free

May 7, 2021

Hello Friends! I'm really excited about this epiosode. You know I'm a nerd for all things scientific and related to the brain. This week, I sat down and talked with Michael Easter about the dangers of comfort, how we've gotten away from experiencing discomfort and discussed his new book, Comfort Crisis.

Michael Easter is a contributing editor at Men's Health magazine, columnist for Outside magazine, and professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. His work has appeared in over 60 countries and can also be found in Men's Journal, New York, Vice, Scientific American, Esquire, and others. He lives in Las Vegas on the edge of the desert with his wife and two dogs.

Things we discussed:

  • The dangers of living comfortably and safely all the time.
  • How certain discomforts protect us from physical and psychological problems like obesity, heart disease, cancers, diabetes, depression, and anxiety
  • Melissa’s morning routine and how she prioritizes her mental health and starts her day with purpose

Links to great things we discussed:

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