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Thrive: Mental Health and the Art of Living Free

Jul 2, 2021

Hey friends! 

Welcome to Thrive and The Art of Living Free Podcast! This month we are taking a deep dive into what happens when you make mistakes.

We’ve all been there. We somehow do things we never intended to do. When we make a mistake, we have the opportunity to learn and grow or walk-in guilt and shame.

As we explore this critical topic, I hope that you'll find rest from guilt and shame, hope instead of weariness, and growth instead of stuckness.

Because of the content, these are conversations for little ears. Be sure to pop in some earbuds and pull out a notepad because the episodes this month are full of hope, inspiration, and practical tips for life change.

In today’s episode, we talk with Hope Carpenter, a mom, wife, Pastor, and author of the book, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DISASTER. Hope and I sit down to talk about the lasting impact of childhood trauma, brokenness, and how to experience healing. 

Hope Carpenter nearly destroyed her family, her church, and her ministry by living a double life, but then God did something miraculous. Out of her brokenness, He made something beautiful. She is the co-founder of Redemption Church, a megachurch that started in Greenville, South Carolina. The church has satellite locations in San Jose, California; Raleigh, North Carolina; and the Dominican Republic. Hope and her husband, Ron, live in San Jose, California, and Greenville, SC.

Listen in as Hope, and I discuss:

  1. Hope shares her story of past childhood trauma, brokenness, and healing.
  2. Trauma impacts our relationships, the brain, and the body. Our past can impact our future if we are not willing to look at it and be honest.
  3. We hid our true authentic selves because we are afraid.
  4. There is nothing too complicated for God to heal.

Connect with Hope :

FB : PastorHopeC | IG : @PastorHope.Carpenter 

You can pick up a copy of her book, The Beautiful Disaster, on her website, 

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Be sure to tune in next week, where we continue our series on making mistakes and healing from them.

Have a great week!