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Thrive: Mental Health and the Art of Living Free

Sep 1, 2023

Could you imagine the power of the right language and tools in transforming life struggles into blessings? That's what we're unpacking with our guest today, Travis Thompson, as he shares his captivating journey through the thorny path of addiction. Drawing from his battle, Travis sheds light on addiction in the United States. He underscores the crucial need to accurately represent the addiction spectrum to ensure people get the support they need.


Addiction is not just about the individual; it's also about the people and the society around them. We look closer into the role of boundaries in addictive relationships and the concept of trauma bonding, laying bare the treacherous impact of alcohol deeply ingrained in our social fabric. However, Travis brings forth a beacon of hope amidst this bleak reality - vulnerability and emotional intimacy. He shows us how to create emotional intimacy within relationships, offering practical tips on fostering self-care and supporting loved ones grappling with addiction.


Tune in to this powerful and insightful discussion on the many facets of addiction, the path to recovery, and the life-altering power of emotional connections and personal accountability.



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