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Thrive: Mental Health and the Art of Living Free

Jun 25, 2021

This week on Counselor on Call, we are talking about exhaustion and weariness.*

According to the American Psychological Association, Americans are more stressed and tired than ever. Here are some symptoms you may experience when feeling weary and exhausted:

  • Isolating for people or activities
  • Foggy brained
  • Experiencing...

Jun 18, 2021

Welcome to Thrive: Mental Health and the Art of Living Free

This week we are dispelling myths and gaining a critical understanding of the female brain!

Tracy Packiam Alloway, Ph.D., is an award-winning psychologist, professor, author, and TEDx speaker. She has published fifteen books discussing the brain and memory....

Jun 11, 2021

Do you struggle with motivation? Feeling insecure before a big meeting? I have some great resources for you this week on Counselor on Call. I'm  sharing all about body posturing and smiling.

Even if you don't feel confident, practicing confident body posturing can increase your self-esteem, confidence,  and can make...

Jun 4, 2021

This week, I’m talking with Dr. Sasha Shillcutt about cultivating confidence through our failures, mindsets and being our authentic selves. 

Like Martina McBride sang, this one’s for the girls. If you’ve ever felt like too much and not enough, this episode is for you.

Sasha K. Shillcutt, MD, MS, FASE is a...