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Thrive: Mental Health and the Art of Living Free

Nov 25, 2022

When we are going through time s transition and change, it can impact all the areas of our life. One of the hardest transitions we go through is aging, especially for women.

Today’s guests, Carolyn Castleberry Hux and Shayne Moore, are all about helping women to thrive at halftime of our lives. They want to show you...

Nov 18, 2022

Do you want to be more present? You may be wondering, “yes, but how?


Today’s guest, Andrew McConnell, wants to help you get out of your head to help you live with more joy and purpose.


Listen in to learn more about the great things we discussed: 

  • Practical, tangible ways to practice presence
  • How can you...

Nov 11, 2022

Have you ever had a panic attack? 


I have. They are terrifying!


Did you know that around 10% of people have panic attacks yearly?


While symptoms you may experience during a panic attack are: shaking, feeling disorientated, nausea, rapid, irregular heartbeats, dry mouth, breathlessness, sweating, and dizziness.


Nov 4, 2022

Have you been disappointed or knocked down that you felt guilt, shame, and feel so defeated?? If so, this episode is for you!

On this episode, Jay and I sit down to talk about his new book, the Path of an Eagle: a God-given unique healing path to help anyone soar in their life and the power of telling your story and...