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Thrive: Mental Health and the Art of Living Free

Oct 9, 2020

I'm joined today by my dear friend Callie Ammons. Callie is a type 3 Enneagram life coach, podcaster, and speaker! 

Four years ago, Callie went on a journey of trying to understand who she was at her core - who God made her to be. She quickly realized that her feelings of being "stuck", were not something that could be fixed by chai tea lattes. Through this process, she learned the true power of God's Word, our minds, and the Enneagram - leading her to become a certified Enneagram life coach.

If you want to know your Enneagram number, check out the following information.

We talk about:

😲 The importance of humility in your relationship.

🙌🏻 How understanding your Enneagram number can help improve your conflict style.

❤️ The power of understanding ourselves and others

🔥 Don't assume intent from your partner. Take time to ask questions to clarify.

👏🏻 Any number can work together. Your relationship health isn't dependent on your number. Rather, it's dependent on your heart condition.

Listen now:

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