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Dec 21, 2023

Happy Winter Solstice! In this annual tradition, Della is joined by two fellow podcast hosts to reflect on the past year and set some intentions for the year ahead. 

Manda Scott is a novelist, smallholder, and host of the Accidental Gods podcast, which showcases individuals and organizations at the emerging edge of our world to set the foundation for a future we’d be proud to leave to the generations that come after us. Her latest novel, Any Human Power is available for pre-order on Amazon.

Nathalie Nahai is a behavior science advisor, author and host of the podcast The Hive, which focuses on psychology, technology, and human behavior. Nathalie is the author of Webs Of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion and is also the founder of Flourishing Futures Salon, a project that offers curated gastronomical gatherings that explore how we can thrive in times of turbulence and change.

One of Della’s offerings in the new year is a Gaia Education course called Cultivating Regenerative Livelihoods that weaves insights from this podcast and her work as a Right Livelihood coach with practical solidarity economy tools to help us better align our work with our values and contribute to economic systems change. This 12-week online course will start on January 13th and is 300 pounds with half and full scholarships available and a 15% discount for Upstream listeners available here.

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