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Humanist Trek

Jun 27, 2024

When the Enterprise finds itself in the "Little Shop of Horrors" universe, Sarah and Allie create a new PokΓ©mon and take on racial supremacy.

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Jun 20, 2024

When the Enterprise encounters a vulva-headed alien masquerading as a lost human, the crew are lured into a Romulan trap. Outgunned with no shields, will our heroes escape? Will the Vendor unload all of those worthless Pop Vinyls before the end of the con? Could Vulcans really just be Vendorians?

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Jun 13, 2024

When genetically modified tribbles send Sarah on a rant about the many misconceptions about "GMO", Allie must try to get the pod shuttle back on course while also dodging hungry tribbles and angry Klingons. Will we get to the end of the episode? Will there be no tribble at all?

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Jun 6, 2024

From new tattoos to new friends (including Star Trek's Randy James!!), Allie and Sarah had a great time as usual at RetroMania 2024 in Aurora, Colorado. Then, when the women of Star Trek are finally given the lead, will they choose a planet full of men or bears? Does this episode make up for the Enterprise stranding...