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Combat Story

Mar 13, 2021

Jeff Depatie is a retired Canadian Special Operations Forces JTF2 sniper and assaulter. For those who aren’t familiar, JTF2 is Canada’s Tier 1 military force.

Jeff deployed multiple times, both as an infantryman in the regular Canadian forces and again as a member of the elite JTF2.

After leaving the military, Jeff created a company called The Special Forces Experience, which is a highly tailored process designed for men who have achieved their own version of excellence but want to know how far they can really push their limits.

Jeff shared that this is such a demanding course that one of the recent courses didn’t successfully graduate any of the candidates!

In this episode, we dive into some of Jeff’s combat experiences and also spend time hearing Jeff draw on his lessons learned from the Tier 1 military community and all the research that’s gone into creating the Special Forces Experience surrounding human performance.

The Special Forces Experience
Instagram @jeffdepatie_ and @specialforcesexperience
Show Notes

0:00 - Intro kick-off story.
0:20 - Jeff Depatie bio and introduction.
1:31 - Welcome to the show.
4:34 - Family military background included a Scotsman from WWII fighting from North Africa through Europe.
11:11 - JTF2 (Joint Task Force 2) description which is the Canadian military Tier 1 element (
14:27 - Description of Canadian military basic and advanced training (like US Basic and AIT).
18:48 - True cold weather training for the Canadian military.
27:51 - Using visualization techniques to improve your capabilities.
36:42 - Combat mission #1 - Jeff’s first combat experience moving from Kandahar.
49:38 - Combat mission #2 - Jeff describes a more difficult combat experience.
56:02 - Canadian Special Operations organization and units.
1:06:15 - Ailments and injuries from years in the Tier 1 community.
1:10:04 - What Jeff carried for good luck in combat.
1:11:13 - Would you do it all again?
1:13:58 - Jeff describes the Special Forces Experience ( and his life after transitioning out of the military.