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Combat Story

Mar 18, 2021

Eddie Penney is an elite Tier 1 operator and entrepreneur. Eddie was a Marine, Navy SEAL (in SEAL Team 2), and member of the storied Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU).

This is an incredible inside look at the mind, perseverance, experience, and journey of those who serve at the very tip of the spear, including the moments that seemingly broke Eddie and made him who is today. Eddie shares insights that many would not, including the loss and courage that those of us who were never part of the Tier 1 community can only imagine.

Since retiring from the military, Eddie founded and runs The Contingent Group, which provides risk mitigation services and executive protection to clients. He also created the UNAFRAID mindset and has an app called The Den where people can gather to share inspirational stories and seek motivation from others.

You’ll be excited to learn that Eddie is releasing a book with Keith Wood about Eddie’s experiences that’s sure to be an incredible read.

Instagram @eddie.penney 
Unafraid and The Den 
The Contingent Group

Show Notes

0:00 - Intro
0:43 - Eddie Bio
1:55 - Interview begins
2:17 - Where did Eddie’s ambition come from?
5:02 - Hard to believe that Eddie ever quit anything. It’s a great lesson though.
16:52 - A key loss in Eddie’s life: his swimming coach Larry Lyons (who still has an award given out each year to the best coaches in Ohio).
19:25 - Marine Corps “boot camp was awesome.”
21:28 - A life changing event (“a switch” from boy to man) at boot camp in Parris Island, South Carolina.
30:18 - Decision to move from the Marines to the SEAL teams.
31:57 - An experience that almost pushed Eddie out of the military trying to get to Marine Sniper school.
36:34 - Another great story of how one man can leave a lasting impact on you by just believing in you.
44:18 - A scary gang attack in Chicago that could have been much worse.
52:40 - Combat Story #1 with SEAL Team 2 going into a house on an operation.
56:03 - How do you find your way to Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU)? A description of assessing into the Tier 1 world.
59:58 - Intangible quality unique to DEVGRU that operators from other SEAL teams might not have.
1:01:23 - Combat Story #2 and how combat became like “crack.”
1:06:20 - Combat Story #3 when moving to assault a building.
1:08:06 - Combat Story #4 when a mortar landed nearby in Mosul, Iraq.
1:10:33 - Combat Story #5 where Eddie is in the stack and he felt a need to move while on an operation in Iraq. This is a tremendous story for those who also battle with “survivor’s guilt.”
1:20:19 - Eddie describes “dark seasons” when he dealt with the emotional and psychological challenges that come from the Tier 1 community.
1:25:18 - “Unafraid” motivational mindset with a reference to the Skillet song “Lions,” the idea behind it and how to take on big plans beginning with Step One. 
1:30:52 - Contingent Group’s origins and focus now ( sounds awesome).
1:35:32 - What Eddie carried on missions that had significant meaning to him.
1:37:11 - Would you do it again?