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Combat Story

Oct 1, 2022

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Today we hear the Combat Story of Zack Harrison, a former Green Beret (18B) and 1st Special Forces Detachment - Delta (aka The Unit) operator. 

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Unlike many of our guests, Zack never planned to join the military. Like many people, however, 9/11 changed that. He used the 18X program to get his foot in the door and was in combat with the 3rd Special Forces Group in 2005 and 2006, which include being part of Operation Medusa, one of, if not the, largest NATO coalition operations in Afghanistan. 

He then transitioned to Delta Force where he honed his shooting, CQB, and tactical skills that he now uses to teach military, law enforcement, and civilians through his company, Hades Consulting, which he co-owns with another former Delta Operator.

I hope you enjoy this wide-ranging discussion with a very humble and thoughtful warrior as much as I did.

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Show Notes:

  • 0:00 - Intro 
  • 0:44 - Guest Introduction (Zack Harrison) 
  • 1:40 - Interview begins 
  • 5:41 - A background in education 
  • 16:39 - A story and thoughts about bullies 
  • 20:03 - Wanting to join after 9/11 and why The Army 
  • 26:50 - From a short MOS training phase to The 3rd Special Forces Group 
  • 32:34 - First time in outside the wire in Kandahar, Afghanistan and being the new guy 
  • 38:11 - Emotions coming back after first combat experience
  • 42:17 - Combat Story - Operation Medusa fighting Taliban in Afghanistan 
  • 46:16 - Types of missions with 3rd Group  
  • and how they tend to operate 
  • 52:35 - Combat Story: An  engagement during Operation Medusa 
  • 1:01:57 - Combat Story - Losing fellow Green Beret, Bill Brown  
  • 1:04:28 - Difficult anniversaries
  • 1:11:58 - Time with the unit and going back to selection the second time 
  • 1:22:02 - Combat Story - Being part of a direct action unit with DF and why you adhere to the three principles of CQB 
  • 1:32:23 - HADES Consulting
  • 1:35:27 - What did you carry into combat?
  • 1:37:51  - Would you do it again? 
  • 1:40:50 - Listener comments and shout outs 

This video covers the following subjects:

  • - Delta Force Operator
  • - Special Forces 18BGreen Beret
  • - Hades Consulting 
  • - Purple Heart 
  • - Delta Force soldier Zack Harrison

Zack is a former Green Beret and member of SFOD-D (Delta Force) and was a member of Rusty Bradley’s ODA 331 During Operation Medusa in 2006. After joining the military in 2003 and deploying overseas as a member of Delta Force, Harrison left the military and joined Potynsky at Northern Red in 2014. Harrison appears in several Northern Red social media posts, including Instagram posts and YouTube videos, touting the training that he and Potynsky offered.

Harrison left Northern Red in 2020 to form his own company, Hades Consulting LLC, which, like Northern Red, caters to police departments and military personnel.

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