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Combat Story

Nov 19, 2022

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This episode has two segments: an in-person interview with none other than John Skrek McPhee, former Sergeant Major in Delta Force or the Unit and our most watched and listened to guest to date; and a second segment where I reflect on some of the moments and interviews that stand out from the past 100. 

For the first portion, Shrek welcomed us to his annual in-person SOB Tactical members event in North Carolina where he taught me how to properly breach a door with a shotgun, where another former guest and fellow Special Operator Dutch Moyer taught my 15-year-old son to hit a 25-meter target with a handgun on his first ever shot, and where we celebrated with a grog that brought back some of the more lighthearted memories of formal military events I’d almost forgotten. 

For this interview, I asked Shrek some questions that our own Combat Story community wanted to know and a few that I’d been wondering about myself. We all know how tough Shrek is so the fact that Shrek and I both got choked up in this session is saying a lot.

For the second segment, I reflect back on some of the episodes from our first 100 that stand out to me for a variety of reasons and those that I’ll often think back on from time to time because they taught me something and help me process what’s going on in my life today by giving me perspective. Just thinking back on one of these interviews brought me to tears because it still makes me remember how grateful I need to be today.

We could never have made something like Combat Story without your support over the past two years and 100 episodes. Thank you to those who have been here since the beginning and to those who have only recently joined us. We’ve got so much more to come and it’s only possible because of you.

With that, please enjoy this special edition of Combat Story for our 100th episode. 

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Show Notes: 

  • 0:00 - Intro 
  • 2:14 - Interview with John Skrek McPhee begins 
  • 2:31 - From the original vision of SOB Tactical to the 5th annual SOB Tactical member's event 
  • 5:49 - Planning cycles for ops and how it is applied outside of the service 
  • 10:50 - Ops in Norway and freezing conditions 
  • 14:31 - Fan question - Did you really have a 300 PT test ?
  • 15:50 - The bonds and common ties that exist working with foreign forces 
  • 23:26 - Do you wish you were over there fighting the Russians right now?
  • 28:29 - Learning to be more humane downrange
  • 30:55 - Have you had to do family notification before? 
  • 33:33 - The value of "running your own race" in life  
  • 36:17 - Fan question - As a first time handgun buyer, what would you recommend?  
  • 38:26 - Fan question - What's Shrek's favorite book, poem, show, album" 
  • 41:51 - Things that trigger memories of being downrange
  • 48:38 - Philosophy of failures and taking risks 
  • 51:16 - Preparing sons for the service and how it changed their relationship 
  • 53:53 - When was the last time you took the uniform off?  
  • 55:47 - The future of SOB Tactical  
  • 57:08 - Ryan's reflections on 100 episodes 
  • 1:23:48 -  Listener comments and shout outs 
  • 1:27:33 - Bonus - Outtake from John Skrek McPhee interview 

This video covers the following subjects:

- Celebrating our 100th Combat Story

- Sergeant Major in Delta Force

- Special Operator Dutch Moyer

- Combat Story 


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