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Combat Story

Oct 22, 2022

Today we hear the second round of our Combat Story with Jason Lilley, a former Marine, MARSOC operator, Global Response Staff (GRS) with the CIA, and co-host of Savage Actual with co-host Patrick Moltrup having been a guest on our show on Episode 26 ( You can find Savage Actual at 

We left off our first interview (which you can find at hearing about Jason’s first deployments with Marine Recon in OIF I going into Iraq, in which his unit was featured in the HBO show Generation Kill, and a subsequent deployment when Jason earned a Silver Star.

At that point, Jason got out of the service, seemingly to find another path, got a lip ring as he said, and started surfing. He still had years of service ahead of him, and that’s exactly what we touch on in this episode. 

We get into some interesting aspects of combat this time around but we also dive pretty deep into the psychological aspects of war and the insight that time and age bring.

Listeners really connected with Jason the first time around, noting how genuine and down to earth he is, with one person saying that he comes across as both deadly and chill at the same time, which is absolutely the case. There were so many calls for us to do round two from our listeners and it was worth waiting for.

As you all know, you can catch Jason on Savage Actual with his co-host Patrick Moltrup, both of whom I consider great people, Americans, and friends. 

With that, please enjoy this insightful, selfless, and yet somehow equally hilarious discussion with Jason Lilley.

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Show Notes:

  • 0:00 - Intro 
  • 0:56 - Guest Introduction (Jason Lilley) 
  • 2:18 - Interview begins 
  • 2:38 - Experiencing Hurricane Ian 
  • 11:02 - Anniversaries of significant events 
  • 16:46 - Religion, buddhism, and dealing with anger
  • 21:56 - Getting out of the Marine Corps after Silver Star event.  
  • 28:44 - Still feeling his calling was to serve. 
  • 31:26 - Adrenaline fueled desire for extremes
  • 37:24 - The early days of MARSOC 
  • 41:16 - Scout Sniper school and shooting so much he had cuts on his fingers  
  • 47:07 -  How fighting Taliban was different 
  • 51:!0 - Recon in Iraq compared to MARSOC ops 
  • 54:04 - Story of hinting down Taliban at night 
  • 1:02:43 - Feeling guilty for not going on a deployment 
  • 1:06:07 - MARSOC Advanced Sniper Course 
  • 1:12:28 - Time with Global Response Staff (GRS) with the CIA 
  • 1:22:33 - Story of being in Iraq with GRS 
  • 1:30:41 - ISIS and Ziti Hil incident 
  • 1:36:21 - GRS culture and the darker  effects of experiences 
  • 1:44:01 - What's new at Savage Actual? 
  • 1:51:13 - Listener comments and shout outs 

This video covers the following subjects:

Marine Special Operator (MARSOC)

  • CIA Global Response Staff (GRS)
  • Silver Star Recipient 
  • Savage Actual

Jason Lilley's platoon was one of the most-decorated platoons for heroism in a single action in the War on Terrorism. On this date, his Platoon Leader Captain Brent Morel earned the Navy Cross (posthumously) and Team Leader Sergeant Willie Copeland also received the Navy Cross. Jason Lilley and four of his comrades were awarded Silver Stars for this combat operation. It is a record unmatched by any Marine Corps Company, much less by any platoon, in the Global War on Terrorism.

If you would like to learn more about Marine Special Operator, Jason Lilley I suggest you look into our various other video clips:


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