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Combat Story

Feb 4, 2023

Today we hear the Combat Story of Rob Huberty, a long time Navy SEAL who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan in some incredibly challenging battles. 

Rob lost over 30 people close to him from his time in the Teams from either combat deaths, accidents, or suicide, including the loss of his closest friend during a battle in which they were talking to each other when his friend, Kevin Ebbert, was killed. 

After service, and despite the pain and loss Rob endured, he fought back from depressive episodes, found psychedelics and plant-based medicines, attended one of the premiere business schools in the country, and founded a company alongside his ‘brothers’ who he went to school with. 

The company they founded is called ZeroEyes and uses AI to proactively help mitigate mass shootings and gun-related violence. They are, effectively developing the technologies that will prevent another Columbine or Sandy Hook (where, not coincidentally, Rob went to school). As you’ll see in this interview, Rob is eager to bring other veterans aboard this ride with him at ZeroEyes to build new skills and help save lives.

And I know you’ll appreciate Rob’s perspective on loss, sacrifice, and overcoming the odds as much as I did.

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Show Notes:
00:00 - Intro 
01:02 - Guest Introduction (Rob Huberty)
02:08 - Interview begins
04:45 - Skydiving in college
06:41 - The way away from West Point
08:16 - Family background
12:39 - Path to enlistment
16:04 - Being a lawyer
17:17 - How long did it take to get downrange
19:25 - What is ZeroEyes
23:51 - First experience as a Navy SEAL
26:26 - First time downrange
29:10 - Working with Rangers
30:06 - Kids while serving
30:54 - dissapointing deployments
32:39 - SEAL team relationship 
34:02 - Startup compared to the SEAL
35:44 - Second deployment
39:45 - Tough moment in Afghanistan
45:22 - Grief and loss
49:18 - Potentially leaving the military
51:56 - Hate for a commander
55:28 - Best commander
01:00:05 - Tough time with a tough commander 
01:25:45 - Processing grief
01:32:03 - Psychedelics therapy
01:43:50 - ZeroEyes best moments
01:46:16 - Any sentimental items
01:47:18 - Would you do it all again
01:47:43 -  Listener comments and shout outs