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Combat Story

Aug 26, 2023

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Today we have a unique Combat Story from a long time aviator Sean Borland. Sean flew Cobras, Apaches, MH-53 Pave Lows, and CV-22 Ospreys providing direct support to war fighters pre and post-9/11.

Notably, Sean was in the first set of aircraft to go into Afghanistan immediately after 9/11 as part of Air Force Special Operations flying the MH-53 in both combat search and rescue and multi-purpose infil and exfil operations for special ops units of varying flavors from white SOF to OGA.
This is a deep dive into some of the technical aspects of aviation, particularly rotary wing, and some of the differences between the Air Force Special Operations aviation elements and 160th. 

I hope you enjoy this wide ranging discussion and insight into the rotary wing side of operations as much as I did. 

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Show Notes:
00:00 - Intro 
00:47 - Guest Introduction (Sean Borland)
01:37 - Interview begins
02:05 - Background in Aviation
07:07 - Media and influences
10:47 - Deciding to go Marines
17:10 - Flying guns
20:30 - HelloFresh
21:45 - Differences between Cobra and Apache
24:27 - Apache mentality in the 90's
30:32 - Going to FLERE??
32:38 - Path to the Air Force
40:33 - Mision set of MH53
47:35 - Crew Configuration of MH53
50:42 - 9/11 and deployment
01:05:00 - First time outside the wire
01:28:18 - Fighter weapons school
01:32:48 - Challenging Operations
01:52:24 - Change to Osprey
01:58:44 - Close call Operation
02:07:13 - Sentimental items
02:08:44 - Would you do it again
02:09:28 - Vietnam History Flight
02:11:59 - Closing thoughts
02:12:39 -  Listener comments and shout outs