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Combat Story

Nov 18, 2023

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🎙️ Today's Combat Story: Training Dogs for SEAL Teams and Founding the Warrior Dog Foundation🎙️

Today we have a cross over Combat Story with former Navy SEAL, NY Times Best-Selling Author, and Trikos Founder Mike Ritland who many will also know as the host of the Mike Drop podcast. I traveled out to Texas to interview Mike and then he returned the favor. 

For those who don’t know Mike, he earned his Trident pre-9/11 and found himself on the largest operation in the history of Naval Special Warfare when SEAL Team 3 simultaneously took control of two oil terminals and a control facility on sea and land as the Iraq war kicked off.

Mike would contract an illness that would take him out of the door-kicking side of the teams but also allowed him to follow a passion training dogs for west coast SEAL teams. He followed this path to build a successful business in Trikos training working dogs for clients and founding the Warrior Dog Foundation, among other ventures.

Mike has done so much to find purpose and continue serving after hanging up the uniform in a way that will, undoubtedly, be motivating to people seeking their own purpose and next chapter. With that, please enjoy this episode with Mike Ritland.


👇 Show Notes:

00:00 - Introduction
01:04 - Guest Profile: Mike Ritland
02:05 - Start of Interview
03:05 - Settling in Texas
07:45 - Leaving the SEALs
11:20 - Transition to Dog Training
12:57 - Confidence and Success
23:25 - Siblings and Military Path
25:49 - Fighting During Youth
36:11 - Martial Arts Training
43:53 - Path to joining the Teams
47:00 - Ultra Competitive Nature
54:13 - Almost Quitting
59:26 - Largest Naval Special Warfare Op.
01:11:19 - Kicking off the Iraq War
01:19:37 - Listener Feedback

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