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Combat Story

Feb 13, 2024

We sit down with previous guest and former Ranger and Delta Force operator Brad Thomas as he sets the record straight about what happened back in Mogadishu and how his recollection of one event (as he shared back on Episode 58) was different than what another person remembered. 

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In the former interview, Brad describes a "jackass lieutenant" running around during the battle collecting fastropes because they were an accountable item. The individual in question listened to the interview and contacted Brad to explain what was actually going on.

Being the standup guy that he is, Brad immediately wanted to acknowledge this new information and share that we often don't recall things as they were.

Many will recall Brad gave up a promising musical career to serve, first with Ranger Battalion and then finding his way into Delta Force. His first combat experience was in Mogadishu in what we know as Black Hawk Down as part of 3rd Ranger Battalion in a true baptism by fire.

Since leaving the military, Brad returned to his passion: music. He gathered a group of veterans who now make up the band “Silence and Light” and saw far more success than they expected on their debut album.

We sit down today to discuss misinterpretations on the battlefield and clarify a situation discussed in Brad's interview from two years ago (Ep58).

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