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Combat Story

Sep 1, 2021

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Today we complete Part 2 of the Combat Story of Ryan Hendrickson, the former Green Beret and Special Forces Engineer (18C) who served multiple combat deployments to Afghanistan and training deployments around the world, particularly in South America, as part of 7th Special Forces Group.

For those who listened to Part 1, you’ll recall that we followed Ryan’s unique upbringing in the Northwest that included moving frequently and, at one point, living in a tent for an entire year being raised by a single father who had a tremendous impact on Ryan’s life.

Ryan first joined the Navy, where he was onboard the first ship to respond to the USS Cole attack, then served in the Air Force loading aircraft with munitions, and finally achieved his dream of earning the coveted Green Beret.

On his first deployment to Afghanistan with 7th Group, Ryan was leading a patrol clearing the path of IEDs and inadvertently stepped on an IED that changed his life. 

At the end of Part 1, we left off as Ryan was coming to after the dust settled from the blast and he looked down to see two pearl white bones (his Tibia and Fibula) sticking out of his leg.

What happens next is nothing short of remarkable. If you ever felt sorry for yourself, this next session will help give perspective and an example of someone else who overcame tremendous odds to follow his dream, saving lives and inspiring others along the way.

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Show notes

0:00 - Intro
0:45 - Guest Bio
1:45 - Interview begins
11:46 - Ryan is back in the moment just after the IED blast.
25:48 - The flight out of country and multiple hospital visits.
37:35 - The decision to keep your limb or go for a prosthetic.
44:18 - When Ryan started recognizing the emotional side of his injury.
49:20 - The advice the changed Ryan’s perspective and his path.
58:34 - The program to stay in the Army.
1:09:21 - Returning to Afghanistan and the unlikely welcome.
1:23:20 - Taking the opportunities given (and how to escape the TOC)!
1:39:50 - Inserting into a big fight looking like a normal unit.
1:46:54 - An F-15 500lb bomb being dropped nearby.
2:01:30 - Going back for every man, including his Afghan brothers.
2:06:45 - Didn’t have to go back, but you did. “Had to be done.”
2:12:00 - Writing the book.
2:15:00 - What did you carry with you into combat.
2:16:35 - Would you do it all again?