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Combat Story

Jan 27, 2024

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Today we hear a Combat Story with former Navy SEAL Joel McGuire, who completed multiple combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, in addition to deployments to Europe and South America over a 20 plus year career. We were introduced to Joel when scheduling an upcoming interview with Sam Mackey, another SEAL.

Sam was deployed with Joel and we’ll have a combat story with both individuals together talking about a few of their battles they fought in. In this episode, Joel goes into detail about his multiple attempts to finally get through BUD/S, his battlefield experiences, managing short-term memory loss, sleep deprivation, and emotional challenges of losing close-knit community members in action.

Joel also talks through the challenges of Maritime Interdiction Operations (or MIO), which many have likely seen in the news recently as an MIO tragically claimed the lives of two Navy SEALs in the past month, and it’s helpful to better understand what goes into these operations and what makes them so risky.

With that, please enjoy this conversation with Joel McGuire, a tough old frogman (stay tuned for a future episode for our joint interview with Joel and his fellow SEAL, Sam)!

👇 Show Notes:

00:00 - Introduction
00:43 - Guest Profile: Joel McGuire
01:51 - Start of Interview
02:22 - First Time In California
03:49 - Childhood
05:47 - Javolina
08:05 - Fighting As A Kid
17:29 - Path To Teams
26:37 - NordVPN Ad
28:14 - BUDS
32:39 - Teammates in Teams
35:32 - Team 2 Reputation
43:36 - Maritime Interdiction Operations
52:20 - Specialties Within Team
53:53 - Leadership and Platoon Relationships
59:18 - FIrst DA Op.
01:04:27 - Being A Parent While Deployed
01:11:33 - Team 10 Petty Officer
01:14:33 - Relationships With Squad
01:19:30 - A Memorable Op.
01:23:34 - 2011 Deployment
01:39:34 - Post Deployment
01:51:49 - Losing A Teammate
02:08:10 - Deciding To Get Out
02:13:05 - Sentimental Items
02:14:25 - Would You Do It All Again
02:15:42 - Listener Feedback

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