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Combat Story

Feb 10, 2024

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Today we have our second round Combat Story with Sam Mackey, who overcame a challenging and rebellious youth to successfully earn his SEAL Trident, carrying him to SEAL Team Eight where we left off at the end of round one.

In this second round interview, Sam’s deployments continue as he faces defining moments, including the loss of a close friend in a helicopter crash and intense firefights in Afghanistan. This includes a brief morbid but hilarious story of Sam nearly breaking the longest sniper shot record.

Transitioning from the military, Sam partnered with former pro-football QB Jay Cutler to launch Outsider, focusing on high-quality outdoor lifestyle products. This venture reflects his entrepreneurial spirit, shaped by his time in the SEALs. Sam's story, from a troubled past to military excellence and business success, is a testament to the power of resilience and adaptability. It's an inspirational tale for those who admire the military, combat, and life's challenges.

For those who heard our recent Combat Story interview with Joel McGuire, you’ll recall Joel mention that he and Sam served together in Afghanistan. Stay tuned next week to hear Joel and Sam interviewed together talking about the same battles and what it takes to earn the trident (and recommendations to aspiring SEALs and Special Operators).

Many thanks to Ari for connecting us with Sam! 

And now, please enjoy this wide ranging discussion with retired Navy SEAL and entrepreneur, Sam Mackey.

👇 Show Notes:

00:00 - Introduction
01:04 - Guest Profile: Sam Mackey
02:33 - Start of Interview
02:40 - First Hairy Operation
11:26 - Specialties Within Teams
13:13 - Sniper School
14:35 - Respect In Teams
18:33 - Challenging Moment 1
 20:31 - Mint Mobile Ad
21:38 - Challenging Moment 2
32:54 - After Op De-Brief
34:07 - Working With Lithuanians
39:03 - Lithuanian Operation
48:06 - Most Courageous Act
51:20 - Responsibility For The Team
52:09 - Marriage Throughout Teams
55:07 - Outsider Company
 01:08:25 - Entrepenurialship in Teams
01:21:58 - Sentimental Items
01:23:10 - Would You Do It All Again?
01:24:47 - Listener Feedback

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