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Combat Story

Feb 17, 2024

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This is our first JOINT Combat Story where we bring two combat veterans on the show to talk about combat operations they were part of together. This time we’re fortunate to have Sam Mackey and Joel McGuire, both former SEALs, who speak about some of the toughest moments they had deployed to Afghanistan. 

I always wanted to have two guys who fought side by side to see what they remember, where they each have gaps and to watch the bond firsthand that was forged in those difficult moments downrange. 

For those who listened to the individual interviews with both Sam and Joel, you’ll recall that Sam was somewhat of a free agent SEAL being shipped to various teams to support operations for weeks or months at a time given his unique sniper skill set. Joel was leading a team at a smaller FOB that needed all the help they could get and welcomed Sam with open arms.

Please enjoy two seasoned vets get down to what actually happened on particular ops when they were downrange together.

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👇 Show Notes:
00:00 - Introduction
00:42 - Guest Profile: Sam Mackey and Joel McGuire
01:40 - Start of Interview
02:13 - Joel and Sam post deployment relationship
05:50 - How Joel and Sam met
21:28 - Factor Meals Ad
22:45 - Deploying A Sniper in Battle
31:40 - Sam and Joel Reminiss Same Gun Fight
42:12 - Hairy Engagements
47:29 - Deployment During Bin Laden Raid
49:54 - Favorite MRE
51:59 - Favorite Part About Teams
01:02:44 - Joel Grazed In The Range
01:10:31 - Advice to A Future SEAL
01:12:34 - Outsider Mugs
01:13:08 - Listener Feedback