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ACR Journals On Air

Jan 9, 2024

The pandemic has changed much in our world—from the way we work, to the way we shop, and even the way we learn. Rheumatology wasn’t immune from such changes and when medical institutions needed to adjust their practices to accommodate a changing world around them, the process by which fellowship interviews were conducted needed to change as well. Thus, a shift to the video communication platform Zoom was made.

Now, as the pioneering cohorts of the new Zoom matching process graduate, we are joined by Bharat Kumar, MD, MME, FACP, RhMSUS. Dr. Kumar has been doing a lot of research on what went well, what didn’t, and what merits rethinking. Dr. Kumar is the first author of the manuscript Reimagining the Rheumatology Fellowship Interview: Using Participatory Design-Thinking Process to Create a More Applicant-Centered Experience.