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Media Coffee Podcast

Oct 26, 2022

In this episode, we hear from Chris McKeon, Political Reporter at PA Media in the UK. Chris is based in Westminster and provides analysis for PA's Mediapoint wire. He started his journalism career at the Surrey Advertiser before moving to the Liverpool Echo.

PA Media is the national news agency for the UK and Ireland. It provides a continuous feed of text, pictures, video and data into newsrooms around the country.

5 recommendations from PA Media’s Chris McKeon:

  • Before writing a press release, spend time thinking about the value of your story
  • Avoid sending press releases during public holidays and other major public events
  • Prime Minister’s Questions is on Wednesdays between 12-1pm – this sets the political news agenda for the week
  • Communicating with journalists via email is always better than calling
  • Provide contact details for journalists to follow up with any questions