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Talking Foreign Policy

Launched in 2012, "Talking Foreign Policy" is a one-hour radio program, hosted by CWRU School of Law Dean Michael Scharf, in which experts discuss the salient foreign policy issues of the day.

Nov 20, 2023

September was the hottest month in recorded history.  Last summer, smoke from Canadian forest fires blanketed the United States.  Maui ignited.  Libya was deluged by flooding of biblical dimensions.  Sea levels rose as glaciers and ice sheets melted at an accelerating rate. The world’s great rivers and lakes are drying up, while climate migrants are pouring across borders.

Is it too late to stop climate change? What can the international community do to respond to this existential global crisis? I’m Michael Scharf and in the next broadcast of Talking Foreign Policy, our expert panelists will seek to answer that question.