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True scary stories with Edi and Nick

Jul 29, 2020

Being kidnapped is a fear we all have from childhood and even as an adult. The fear of not knowing what your abductors have planned for you is even terrifying to imagine. Here's some stories from people that got away. Or did they? --- Support this podcast:

Jul 27, 2020

Fright can be so many things. Fear comes in many forms. Sometimes it's in the form of time missing and sometimes it's seeing death in front of you. What do you fear? Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:

Jul 22, 2020

Questioning existence is a trait special to humans. People believe in a one true God, people believe in energy and some people believe this is all a computer simulation. These stories are about glitches in our matrix! Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:

Jul 20, 2020

No matter how much you prepare, terror can always be around the corner. Or in the forest. Or finding you in your dreams. Sometimes... It just over the hill. Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:

Jul 15, 2020

More stories from medical personnel and first responders that see people at all moments in life. Even some in their afterlife. Enjoy!! --- Support this podcast: