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True scary stories with Edi and Nick

Jul 28, 2021

All throughout history, the world was supposed to end many times. But now people are asking themselves if it already did? Do we have any evidence of living in a world that isn't really ours? This episode dives into that! Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:

Jul 19, 2021

Once again, a collection of stories from the archives! I randomly picked them out. I don't even remember reading them. LOL! Enjoy!

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Jul 14, 2021

Cursed midwives, demons looking for the well fed, luxury apartments with a scary reputation! Even a dress that haunted an entire family! This episode is bringing you everything and more! Stay scared! --- Support this podcast:

Jul 12, 2021

A disappearance! A cursed tale! Being asked to defend Earth against demons! Going boogie boarding with your brother! All these can be just as dangerous as the other when you realize you only live once. Enjoy the new episode.

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Jul 7, 2021

Some of the scariest, true stories are unsolved murders. These stories are filled with an evil only more horrifying because of the facts surrounding them. The scariest fact being that the monster is human. And no matter how much you prepare for and expect a deep dive when getting into the psyche of a murderer, you are...