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True scary stories with Edi and Nick

Apr 29, 2023

Like many episodes before, this one brings us to a new place of theories on the beings that exist beyond our dimension and more. There's no telling if humanity will ever understand fully all that exists around us. And maybe that's how those beings beyond us want to keep it. Enjoy!

Apr 20, 2023

As we've talked about before, the back roads are filled with stories. The barely known paths are filled with mysteries. The legends of past have many curiousities that may stay unknown.  What would you do it a mystery was in your backyard? What if it visited you?

Apr 14, 2023

We all get that feeling that someone or something is watching us from time to time. The next scariest thing to actually getting caught by what's watching you is knowing who or what might be watching you!  This episode will have you questioning those late night rides.

Apr 8, 2023

Other dimensions! Residual traumatic energy! Things that follow and things that hunt! The world can be a scary place when you really think about everything you come into contact with on a day to day basis. We dive into stories that explore such things! Enjoy!