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The Knomii Podcast

Jan 2, 2023

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

Today Madeline and Cynthia explore how we may be starting this year depleted. The tiredness, the losses, and the frustrations make it hard to keep going. 

Just as a car will stop working if not fueled and maintained, we have needs that must be met if we are to continue in productive and abundant living. We will explore what is it that keeps us going: knowing how to fill the tank, managing our emotions, and caring for our bodies enough to gain strength and abundance.

What we discussed:

(00:13) New Year, Same Energy?

(01:14) Sitting with and allowing icky emotions

(03:47) Noticing that disconnect comes from more than one place

(05:15) Tool: Your Inner Emergency Responder Team

(07:19) Your inner resources are infinite

(08:58) Finding an abundance mindset that doesn't ignore reality

(10:39) Why it's important to go internal and "tend to your garden" first

(13:00) Discovering your own needs instead of making people guess

(14:35) Vulnerability is a driver of support

(15:18) Reaching out and connecting through strengths instead of suffering

(16:51) The 5 Types of Energy in Friendships

(19:24) Don't wait for that perfect time to rest and reflect

(21:29) NEWS: Retreats at Home Coming March 2023

(22:38) Summarizing what we discussed

(23:47) Ending with a Quote

(24:31) Get in touch



For further reading and tools: 

5 Types of People by Richard Foster

VRP-Very Resourceful people-ignite my passion

VIP-Very important people-share my passion

VTP-Very trainable people-I ignite their passion

VNP-Very Nice people-they use my passion with little results

VDP-Very draining people-they drain our passion

Questions to ask oneself:

Who is on my internal team? What internal team members help me thrive? *Remember they always say YES

Abundance…What’s in your garden? (Strengths)

Brené Brown “The Power of Vulnerability


Quote for reflection: 

“Accept then Act. Whatever the present moment contains accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it…this will miraculously transform your whole life.” Ekhart Tolle

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Hosts & Guests

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Madeline Farquharson   Host


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Published 01/02/2023

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