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Carry HIS Glory NOW with Prophet Lisa M. Vice

Dec 29, 2022

Are you stuck and cannot get past something that has hindered you this year? I have been there. You've hit a plateau and can't seem to go any further? The Lord is giving you time and space to shift to remove those hindrances or blockages so you can run in 2023.


Could it be that you are out of alignment; or out of...

Dec 8, 2022

When God has you in this position to save, oftentimes than not, He will relocate you. He wants to remove you from what is familiar to you so you can go through the process without interference.

During your process, God is also equipping you.

Prophet Lisa will talk about how Moses is a great example of how God will...

Dec 1, 2022

When God wants to Position You to Save a People

Are you positioned to save a people, a tribe, a family, or friends?

The Lord will position you as He did Joseph.

The story of Joseph in Gen 37, 39-47, shows us a pattern that the Lord will take us through when we are being positioned to save a people.

Who was Joseph? He...