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The Anti-Imperialist Archive

Apr 18, 2024

1st: Laila and Dr al-Haddad speak to Don Lemon of CNN Jan 3rd. 

Sunday, January 4th, 2009. Sherif Fam interviews Dr. Moussa al-Haddad from Gaza during the Battle of al-Furqan. Dr. El-Haddad is the father of well-known Palestinian journalist, photographer and blogger Laila Al-Haddad who has been featured in Democracy Now! the Guardian, AL-Jazeera and Electronic Intifada, among other publications.

This Week In Palestine (a weekly part of Truth and Justice Radio) is a three-quarter-hour segment of news from Palestine and discussion of issues relevant to the Palestinians' struggle for freedom from Israel's brutal military occupation and colonization, and now bombing, of their homeland.

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