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The Anti-Imperialist Archive

Apr 27, 2024

Palestianian activists inspired by the civil rights movement in the 1960s have been arrested after catching an Israeli-operated bus in the West Bank.

Fadi Quran, a nonviolent activist from Palestine, spoke to students about his participation in the 2011 Palestinian freedom rides as part of a talk held by Students For Palestinian Equal Rights (SPER) at Stanford University on April 16, 2012. Joining Fadi to speak about the role of nonviolent activism in finding a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict were Clarence Jones, US Civil Rights movement lawyer and speech writer for Martin Luther King, Jr., and Allen Weiner, co-director of the Stanford Center on International Conflict and Negotiation. See more of Fadi Quran in the documentary "Al Helm: Martin Luther King in Palestine"

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