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The Anti-Imperialist Archive

May 12, 2024

(19 Aug 1973) RR7333A MIDDLE EAST HABASH AND THE WAR OF TERROR Israel admitted that she hijacked the Lebanese plane on August 10th 1973 hoping to capture Goerge Habash, leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. With an exclusive interivew with Habash, this report examines PFLP attitudes and the continuing hyjacking and airport attacks, as in Dubai and Athens.

(19 Jan 1979) The leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, George Habash gives an interview in which he speaks about the refusing to have any relations with the United States government. He says that Israel is not the only problem but that American imperialism is.

(1 Apr 1978) The top radical Palestinian leader, George Habash said in a rare interview with UPITN that his organisation, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine or PFLP would continue fighting in South Lebanon and oppose anyone - even the Lebanese army - who kept them from hitting back at Israel.

(27 Nov 1984) Damascus, Syria Habash making press conference. Storyline: PLO 2nd-in-command, Dr.George Habash, in an interview. says he "regrets very much the split of the PLO". Habash promises to "increase the armed struggle against Israel in the Occupied Territories" and claims the actions of the PLO are not "terrorism", he calls them "legitimate" struggle.

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