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Weight Loss for LDS Moms

Jan 27, 2024

Did you know the second Friday in January is Quitter's Day? I'm not surprised since we are all humans. And I also don't want this to be you. This week's episode will help you keep your goals in the New Year instead of quitting.

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Jan 20, 2024

As young moms, we want things to be easy, convenient, and stress-free. Hello, Door Dash, Drive-thru's, and unhealthy gas station food. So how do we avoid these places to lose weight? 
I'm covering this topic today, but my suggestions aren't what you think. Listen in to hear how to tackle the Drive-thru conundrum. 


Jan 13, 2024

Motivation is a funny thing. So often, when women talk about losing weight, they say, "I just need to get motivated first." Today's episode dives into this idea of waiting to be motivated. We will discuss where motivation comes from and how to be a badass at slaying your goals without needing a thing. 

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Jan 6, 2024

A limiting belief is a lie you've been telling yourself repeatedly. When it comes to losing your baby weight, it might sound like, "This is never going to work." These beliefs feel very, very true. So, how in the world do we ever change them? 
That's what I'm going to teach you today. It's a simple process that anyone...