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Bounce Back After Baby

May 11, 2024

This week's episode is for anyone struggling to get started with their weight loss goals. I talk with my friend and fellow life coach, Mariana Bonesso. She specializes in helping anyone who struggles with procrastination. No matter what the big goal you're going after is, she can help.

 Procrastinating is not a 'you' problem. It's an action you take from an overwhelmed place, which makes sense. Tune in to hear how certified life coach Mariana Bonesso shares three straightforward and effective ways to start prioritizing yourself today.  

 Want to connect more with Mariana? Please find all of her info and impressive bio below. 

Mariana Fávero Bonesso Bio
As a Focus & Procrastination Coach, I help folks stop waiting for the perfect moment and get their creative ideas out of their heads and into the world. I started my journey as a coach in 2016 while getting my Post Doc and launching my business Sensitive Coaching. After getting my second certification with LCS and an advanced Deep Dive Certification, I became an Internal Family Systems (IFS) informed coach. Coached hundreds of clients to get things done and change their eating and drinking habits. 
Instagram: mariana_fbonesso
TikTok: marianabonessocoaching