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Orthodox Conundrum

Apr 18, 2024

Did the Exodus from Egypt happen exactly as the Torah describes?

How should we contend with archeological evidence that seems to indicate that certain aspects of the Torah's narrative don't make sense?

And, for that matter, how can we contend with similar questions that surround other historical Biblical narratives?

Apr 8, 2024

For over two millennia, the Jewish People has lived in a world largely defined by Jewish law, or halacha. While the Tanach is filled with what might be called prophetic Judaism - a Judaism, that is, which is dominated by those who spoke in the name of God - the Judaism that emerged during the era of the Second Temple...

Apr 1, 2024

Jews control Hollywood - or so everyone seems to believe, for better and very often for worse. And it’s true that there are many Jewish people who work in the entertainment industry. But this fact is quite distinct from the question of how Jews are typically portrayed in movies and TV shows - and in that realm, there...