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Orthodox Conundrum

Jul 1, 2020

Orthodox Judaism often has a fraught relationship with the arts, characterized by both tension and fascination. Some Torah sources emphasize the great spiritual potential in music and the visual arts, while others consider art a waste of time - or worse. In this live episode of the Orthodox Conundrum, Scott Kahn is joined by Franciska Goldschmidt Kosman and a panel of experts - Abie Rotenberg, Simcha Leiner, Moshe Braun, and Chaim Aizenshtat - to discuss Judaism and the arts. They address the way to relate to creative endeavors, how an artist can remain true to both Halacha and his artistic calling, issues surrounding kol isha, including art in school curricula, and much more. Check out for the Orthodox Conundrum and other great podcasts, and remember to subscribe to them on your favorite podcast provider. Also visit our Patreon site for bonus episodes, merch, and more at Music: "Happy Rock" by