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Orthodox Conundrum

Nov 17, 2021

Our last episode featured the first half of Scott's interview with Rabbi Yonah Bookstein, the rabbi of the Pico Shul in Los Angeles and the founder of Shabbat Tent. In that podcast they talked about the difference between kiruv and outreach, and why that difference matters. Today Rav Yonah explains why music and film festivals have provided him with amazing opportunities for healthy Jewish outreach. He even compares the experience of music festivals with that of Matan Torah, and asserts that this comparison is actually crucial to understanding how to reach out to Jews, whoever and wherever they are. This also leads him to tell us what he thinks the future of outreach has to be - and along the way he tells some great stories, too. Please listen to and share the podcast, and let us know what you think on the Orthodox Conundrum Discussion Group on Facebook ( Thanks to all of our Patreon subscribers, who have access to bonus JCH podcasts, merch, and more - we appreciate your help, and hope you really enjoy the extras! Visit the JCH Patreon site at Check out for the Orthodox Conundrum and other great podcasts, and remember to subscribe to them on your favorite podcast provider. Also check out to learn all about creating your own podcast. Music: "Happy Rock" by