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Orthodox Conundrum

Feb 20, 2019

Talmud is the lifeblood of Jewish education; it is the centerpiece, the central pillar - and with good reason. But with so many students not enjoying or understanding Talmud, is it possible that we're doing something wrong? Is it possible that our educational system is predicated upon a wrong assumption? How can we inspire more students, without losing that which makes Jewish education unique? Join Scott Kahn as he begins the process of evaluating our educational system, on this episode of the Orthodox Conundrum. Please give to the Gift of Life's new campaign to save lives! Go to to help people suffering from blood cancers literally get a second chance at life. Please subscribe, rate, and review on iTunes - just go to…rum/id1289716034, click on "View in iTunes," and you're ready to go. Music: Happy Rock by