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Orthodox Conundrum

Nov 9, 2017

THIS PODCAST CONTAINS EXPLICIT MATERIAL. LISTENER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. In Masechet Nedarim 20a, Rabbi Yochanan ben Dehavai states that certain birth defects are caused by particular actions performed by the husband and wife during sexual intercourse; accordingly, he seems to put severe restraints on what a couple may do while having sex. On the other hand, the Sages say that a husband and wife may do whatever they like during intercourse, and that the halacha does not follow Rabbi Yochanan ben Dehavai's restrictive approach. In this episode of the Orthodox Conundrum, Scott Kahn and Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro explore this and other primary Talmudic texts that discuss issues of sexuality, and try to understand the halachic ramifications according to the Rishonim and the author of the Shulchan Aruch. (This is the second episode of a multi-part series on Sexuality and Jewish Law on The Orthodox Conundrum.) To order Rabbi Shapiro's book, go to…ds=yaakov+shapiro Music: Happy Rock by