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Orthodox Conundrum

Aug 9, 2021

What is the most effective way to generate faith in G-d? What are proper and improper outreach techniques, and how can we avoid condescension when doing kiruv? When should leaders work within the system and when is it time to create new institutions? Are the Jewish People on the right or wrong path? These questions are important and pressing, and Scott spoke with musician, author, teacher, and spiritual leader Rabbi Shlomo Katz to hear his opinion about how best to address them. Please listen to and share the podcast, and let us know what you think on the Orthodox Conundrum Discussion Group on Facebook ( Thanks to all of our Patreon subscribers, who have access to bonus JCH podcasts, merch, and more - we appreciate your help, and hope you really enjoy the extras! Visit the JCH Patreon site at Check out for the Orthodox Conundrum and other great podcasts, and remember to subscribe to them on your favorite podcast provider. The site will also help you learn about creating your own podcast. Music: "Happy Rock" by